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Hawaii Big Island

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I flew from Oahu across to the island of Hawaii, known as the big island (I'll let you look at a map to see why!). Big island is the only one still to have active volcanoes which generally erupt every day. The lava flow into the sea stopped about 2 months before I got there, and from a boat used to be the closest place you could see it. After flowing into the sea for about 20 years it could have waited just a few more weeks for me to get there! However I did see some flows a few miles away in the distance and the active crater.

The pictures from the plane show Waikiki Beach and Diamond Head crater from the plane, and one of the volcanoes on big island. The lava flow across the road shows what happened in the 1980s and since then some crazy people have already rebuilt their houses on top of the new rock where their old houses used to be!

There's also a picture of the glow at night time of the volcano in the gasses it was erupting - that was really amazing. The last two are the greener parts of the island, near Hilo and the Waipio Valley.


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I think the pictures below say it all - Hawaii is paradise! I've been here just over a week now and stayed in the city at Waikiki for a few days, right near the beach. I've also been camping to the north shore of the island with some people I met at the hostel. The north shore is completely different to the city, with much fewer people around, its more chilled out and the waves there are huge! While we were there they reached 20-30ft.

Whilst on the north shore we stopped for some amazing shrimp at Giovanni's stall at the side of the road. We had to wait nearly an hour, but the garlic prawns were definately worth the wait! The truck was really cool, covered in grafitti with messages from all the people who have eaten there.


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Lake Tekapo

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My last few days on the bus route around the south island have crept up really quickly. Since Queenstown I have only been staying one night at each place, the nicest of which was a tiny village called Lake Tekapo.


After Lake Tekapo my time in New Zealand is unfortunately coming to an end. I have seen some amazing places and met some great people, especially Maddy and Annie who I've travelled nearly the whole south island with - I'll miss you both! My next destination will be Hawaii, after a stop-off in Auckland and Sydney...its going to be a long journey, but I can't wait!

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Milford Sound

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I went to Milford Sound for the day - a trip which looks really close on the map, but the road goes around the mountains between Queenstown and Milford Sound, which meant even more time sitting on the bus! The road was only opened in 1950s and before then the area was only accessible to hikers.

The landscape was amazing and its difficult to get a sense of scale from the pictures, but in the third picture the small white dot is a really large boat. The tallest peaks in Milford Sound are over 1,600m high!


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Queenstown is a really picturesque town right beside a lake and surrounded by mountains. The view from the cable car at the top of the mountain was absolutely amazing.


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