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Whale Watching at Kaikoura

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The whale watching trip was great - I think I was really lucky! There was a huge sperm whale that was on the surface for about half an hour - apparently they usually only surface for about 5 minutes. Then it disappeared, diving for about 45mins before coming up to breathe again. The guides on the boat know all the whales in the area and can recognise them just by seeing the tail or fin!

Because we saw the whale early in the trip we were then able to go and see the dolphins. The guide reckoned there were between 300-500 dolphins there! They were amazing - jumping out of the water every few seconds, but unfortunately they were so quick I didn't manage to get a good photo.


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So I have now made it to my next country...New Zealand! My first stop is Christchurch and then I will travel in a loop around both islands.

From Christchurch I went to the Southern Alps, the mountain range in the middle of the south island, but as you can see from the photos the weather wasn't great. The jet boating trip more than made up for it though!


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Great Ocean Road

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I took a trip from Melbourne to the Great Ocean Road, which is supposed to be one of the best coastlines in the world, and it was amazing. It also kind of reminded me of Cornwall!

The 243km road was built to provide jobs for soldiers returning from the first world war. The most famous stretch is the 12 apostles (although only 8 are left now). The last photo below shows London Arch, which used to be connected to the mainland (and called London Bridge), but collapsed in 1990 leaving 2 people stranded on the island. Luckily nobody was injured and they were rescued by helicopter.


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all seasons in one day 27 °C
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I'm in Melbourne just for a quick stop and the weather has lived up to it's reputation here - just as I got off the plane we had a thunder storm and a month's worth of rain in about 2 hours, then the next day it was sunny again!

Melbourne is a great city - shame I can't spend a bit longer here. A couple of pictures are below, the first is of Flinder's Street railway station (the main station in Melbourne) which was apparently supposed to be built in Mumbai, India but the plans got sent to the wrong cities, so the original Flinders Street station is built in Mumbai!

When I got to my hostel I also found out there was a festival just outside the front door on Sunday - the St Kilda Festival. It was amazing, so many people and five stages of live music - all for free!


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King's Canyon, Kata Tjuta & Uluru

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I've just come back from a 3 day trip from Alice Springs into the outback of central Australia. We saw King's Canyon, Kata Tjuta (The Olgas) and Uluru (Ayer's Rock). The outback is so different from the coast and I think its been the highlight of the trip so far, even with the millions and millions of flies that constantly annoy you! Apparently there had recently been some rain here, so the outback is quite green at the moment.

Although the national park looks quite close to Alice Springs on a map, like everywhere in Australia, it took hours to get there (the round trip was nearly 900km!)

The first stop was King's Canyon, where we went for a hike around the top. On the walk I think I drunk water more quickly than any time in my life - 3 litres in 3 hours!


Next stop was Kata Tjuta, which was amazing - a really cool place. Another hike took us right through the domes of rock.


The final stop was Uluru, which was amazing. We saw sunset and sunrise at the rock, and also did the base walk right around. Because it is a sacred Aboriginal site, in places you are not allowed to take photos of the rock, with a fine of $5000!! It was an incredible place though.


After the long drive back to Alice Springs, we had a few beers in town - a great end to the trip!

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